MTA Software Solutions

Simplified bookkeeping for small/medium motor trader businesses - including motor cycle dealers.  (Uses VAT Margin scheme)

This software has been developed over fifteen years in consultation with motor traders, accountants and our computer consultants and the result is a bookkeeping program that is tailored especially for the motor trade. 

Our users have asked for software that is easy and quick to use and requires virtually no training.  Motor Traders Assistant (MTA) is the result.

MTA is used by several hundred dealers and accountants all over the UK.  If you decide to use MTA, you will be in good company...

MTA software

Multi-user system with user-level password protections.

Download as many copies of the program as you like and pay only once.  Use the program from anywhere that you can get an Internet connection.   Your data is stored both locally on your computer with backups made onto our server each time you close the program (optional).  Rest assured that your data is always secure.

Telephone support included.

Whether you are a registered user or using a trial version, feel free to call us during office hours with any questions you might have.  If you ask us to (and give online permission), we can take over your mouse and keyboard to demonstrate the software to you or even install it for you.

Regular upgrades and updates included.

We also offer regular upgrades and updates, as part of our service.  VAT rates are also automatically set according to the prevailing invoice dates.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, patient and efficient service.

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