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Simplified bookkeeping for small/medium motor trader businesses - including motor cycle dealers.  (Uses VAT Margin scheme)

This software has been developed over twelve years in consultation with motor traders and our computer consultants and the result is a bookkeeping program that is tailored especially for the motor trade.  It's not just a cheap Excel spreadsheet and it's self contained; you don't need to use Sage software in conjunction with it and it's cheaper than competitive products.  It's exactly what motor traders have asked for - literally!

Keep it simple!

Our philosophy has been to cater for the small motor trader who has little or no experience of computerised bookkeeping software or accounting.  The emphasis has been "keep it simple."  The package works 'straight out of the box.'  No need to wait for a year-end period; just download the program, install in less than a minute, enter your company details as requested and start using it.  Simple as that, why not try it out for free and see for yourself?  Or view the demo video (see left side bar).

Is it suitable for motor traders with workshop facilities?

Indeed it is.  Invoices with multiple items with diverse VAT rates can be mixed and a regular VAT invoice produced.  There is a help button within the program to load a video which explains how to do this.  Click here to view this help video.

No set-up procedure.

There are no complicated set-up routines with numbered nominal accounts, year-end or month end procedures, balances carried forward, etc..   Simply start off by entering your vehicle stock details.  The cash book synchronises automatically with your stock.  Our product is ideal for start-up motor traders as well as established dealers looking to save time and money.  Vehicle registration lookups enable very fast, efficient and accurate stock data input.

All the data that you enter into Motor Traders Assistant is available to you ALL the time because it is stored in a continuous stream of information.  Our Cash Book Control Panel is make it a breeze to return whatever you need to know about your data and produce a printed report.

Print VAT Returns instantly.

VAT returns can be produced at any time with the click of a mouse, all you need to do is specify the period for which you want the VAT report.   Our VAT report looks just like the VAT return form (VAT100) or the online VAT form, so all you need to is take the figures from the boxes to the VAT form.

Bank reconciliations.

Keeps track of your cheque book transactions, direct debits/standing orders and also your debit and credit cards, making the reconciliation of your account records with your bank statement a breeze.

MTA software

Comprehensive Reporting.

You can also view and print out reports at any time showing your profit and loss, stock book, cash book, sales analysis on individual vehicle sales, debtors, creditors and more!  It's never been so easy to keep tabs on the state of your business.  You can see right away through sales analysis, for example, exactly what your costs were on a particular vehicle and exactly how much profit was made on the sale.  Create purchase and sales invoices, with an option to use your own letter-heads if you want to.

Multi-user system with user-level password protections.

Download as many copies of the program as you like and pay only once.  Use the program from anywhere that you can get an Internet connection.   You have the option to store your data locally or both locally and cloud based.  The program can also be password protected for your security and privacy.

Customisable views and invoices.

Various custom views can be selected, for example, you may not want your customers to see how much you paid for a vehicle, the profit margin on a particular sale or how long a particular vehicle has been in stock.  These details can be hidden when it is not convenient for them to be seen.  Lines of text may also be added or edited on your invoices to suit your own particular requirements.  All such options are designed to be very easy to set.

Search facilities.

Anything can be searched for with ease.  For example, given a vehicle's registration number you will be able to instantly check if you had it in stock and if you have sold it, together with full invoice details for each transaction.

Rest assured that your data is secure.

We appreciate that your data is your crucial to your business.  Our software will remind you to backup your data every day and backups only take seconds.  You can also save your data online to our server with either on click of the mouse or automatically, every time you close the program (recommended)  Should your premises get burgled or something happen to your computers, e.g., a fire on your premises, you will know that your data is securely held on our server.  We don't just store all your data on an Internet server all the time, so that means that your data is available to you whether or not you have an Internet connection.

Telephone support included!

We offer first class telephone support.   Just call us whenever you feel the need to ask a question or have any accounting or technical problems.  This applies to new users trying out the software as well as our established users.  We're here to help.  We can even (with your permission and cooperation only), take over the operation of your computer remotely so as to remedy any problems you may be experiencing.  It could be something unrelated to our product but necessary for our product to work, e.g., Internet, email issues.  We will help you to keep your business running efficiently.

Regular upgrades and updates included.

We also offer regular upgrades and updates, as part of our service.  VAT rates are also automatically set according to the prevailing invoice dates.

We are constantly looking to improve our software and are always happy to listen to ideas and suggestions from our dealers; that is how the program has developed over the past twelve years and is what sets it apart from most other bookkeeping or accounting package for the motor trader.

FREE TRIAL.  Fully functional software for you to download, install MTA and try us out for a month.

Try it and see for yourself why our Motor Trader users are so enthusiastic about our software.  You have nothing to lose and there is no obligation.  After the free trial period you can elect to pay either an annual or a monthly subscription.  There is no minimum contract period; you can stop using the software at any time and cease payments.  We guarantee that we will beat any competitive package on price; we're the cheapest anyway (and the best we say, but judge us for yourself).

During the trial (and afterwards), feel free to call our support desk (01430 876604) as often as you like. 

New to computers or the motor trade? 

We are used to helping people who are.  Not sure how to deal with a particular situation regarding say, data input or tax?  Problem with your data or reports?  Call us for immediate support.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, patient and efficient service.

01430 876604